Buying a computer

I can supply new and used PCs and laptops.

The range of PCs and laptops is very wide and prices vary widely. I have observed that the prices of most laptops and PCs has increased considerably since Microsoft withdrew support for it's Windows XP operating system.

One advantage of buying your PC or laptop from me is that I can tailor it to your needs. If you buy from any store you will get no choice about which operating system is installed on it - and for which you will have to pay - and in all probability you will also find it loaded with 'bloatware', programs running trial versions you will have to pay for later and all kinds of things you don't want.

In addition I may be able to install a Linux operating system which you don't have to pay for. That rather depends on what other equipment you have and what you are actually doing.

By coming to me you won't get too pushy a salesman although I am earning my living from computers.